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NIMAS and NIMAC: An Implementation Update

The National Center on Disability and Access to Education (NCDAE) is hosting the webcast titled "NIMAS and NIMAC: An Implementation Update." It will be held Wednesday March 14th, 2007 from 1:00 - 2:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (12:00PM Pacific; 2:00PM Central; 3:00PM Eastern). The audio broadcast will last approximately one hour. It is free of charge and will be captioned simultaneously for the deaf and hard of hearing.


The National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) guides the ways in which textbooks and core instructional materials are developed into accessible formats. The national repository for NIMAS files, the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC), began accepting NIMAS files in December 2006. Special educators, administrators and advocates are eager to learn more about the implementation of NIMAS and NIMAC. Chuck Hitchcock of the NIMAS Technical Assistance Center and Julia Myers of the NIMAC will address this important topic as part of an NCDAE sponsored Webcast.

This is a follow-up to our extremely popular webcast: NIMAS in IDEA, What You Need To Know Now.


Chuck Hitchcock

As CAST's Chief Officer, Policy and Technology, Chuck Hitchcock oversees CAST's public policy initiatives and technology innovation. He was recognized as an information technology innovator by the 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian Awards for the development of Bobby, CAST's free public service for Web site accessibility. Mr. Hitchcock is also Director of a U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) cooperative agreement project, the new "NIMAS Technical Assistance Center" and directs CAST's work on the American Institutes for Research Technical Assistance project, the Center for Implementing Technology in Education" (CITEd).

Mr. Hitchcock has extensive practical experience in special education administration, technology education, and teaching at all levels from early childhood to graduate school. He co-directed a private learning disabilities clinic, served as the founding director of a Massachusetts statewide technology training and support center that served 180 school districts, and was an account executive for hardware and educational software companies.

Julia Myers

Julia Myers, Director of Resource Services at the American Printing House for the Blind and NIMAC Project Director.

Julia has 20 years professional experience in creating and managing online databases of bibliographic, research, and educational material for ProQuest, OCLC Online Computer Library Center Inc., and American Printing House for the Blind, Inc. ProQuest is a major, internationally known producer of electronic reference and educational resources. OCLC is a nonprofit organization with a significant international presence whose services include WorldCat, the catalog of more than 55 million books and other bibliographic materials, and a wide array of information technology services and products.

In addition to the NIMAC, Julia also manages Resource Services at APH, which is responsible for the Louis Database of Accessible Materials for People who are Blind or Visually Impaired, the Accessible Media Producers Database, and the APH File Repository, among other responsibilities.


The discussion is moderated by Marty Blair of the National Center on Disability and Access to Education.


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