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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Joining together to improve the accessibility
of electronically-mediated education



AccessIT promotes the use of electronic and information technology (E&IT) for students and employees with disabilities in educational institutions at all academic levels. This Web site features the AccessIT Knowledge Base, a searchable, growing database of questions and answers regarding accessible E&IT. It is designed for educators, policy makers, librarians, technical support staff, and students and employees with disabilities and their advocates.

Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP)

ATAP promotes the collaboration of AT Programs with persons with disabilities, providers, industry, advocates and others at the state and national level and increases the availability and utilization of accessible information technology (IT) and assistive technology devices and services (AT) for all individuals with disabilities in the United States and territories. ATAP's role is to support AT Programs in implementing the AT Act and promote the rights of people with disabilities, family members, providers, etc. to access accessible IT and AT devices and services.

Center for Persons with Disabilities

The Center for Persons with Disabilities is a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Education, Research, and Services located in Logan , Utah . The CPD provides leadership in and advises policymakers about opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Center administers over 80 separate disability-related projects and programs. A Consumer Advisory Council advises the Center on consumer issues, and an Advisory Council with representatives from the University, community and state support the Center in accomplishing its mission.

Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center

Mountain Plains Regional Resource Center supports the Special Education Community of Practice. This community combines federal resources from the Office of Special Education Program's Monitoring and State Improvement Planning Division and technical assistance resources from the Research to Practice Division. The Regional Resource Center and NCDAE staff assist the facilitation of the Communities.

Utah Assistive Technology Program

The Utah Assistive Technology Program is designed to help individuals know what assistive technology is available, how to receive funding, and to provide links and resources.


The Web Accessibility In Mind (WebAIM) project is engaged in two educational web access initiatives: one at the K-12 level and the other at the post secondary level. WebAIM  strives to improve accessibility to online learning opportunities for all people and especially individuals with disabilities who may experience technological barriers to participation.