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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Example 3 – Embedding Web Accessibility into a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

QEP Topic

Improving the Online Learning Environment for both Distance and On-Campus students.

Note: Web accessibility can be included in a QEP Report. While these plans are individual and vary based on the institution, this example shows how it can be included as a component of a QEP. Only the text relating to web accessibility is included in this example. This text would be nested within the full text of the completed QEP. The templates could then be used in the QEP impact reports to highlight the work being done.

QEP Impact Report

Note: The narrative of the Impact Report would be developed with the templates being inserted where appropriate. For example, the template from the first two examples could be used to highlight the work done with faculty training and development*:

GOAL 3 - Objective 3 – Educate and Train Faculty and Staff on Creating Accessible Materials

One of our objectives under GOAL 3 - Ensure that the institutional web is accessible to all – including those with disabilities was to educate and train faculty and staff to create accessible materials. This was undertaken in the following ways:



Supporting Documentation

Additional Notes

Faculty Workshops These workshops are offered each semester and focus on developing online materials. We include training and materials on web accessibility during these workshops. A copy of the training materials are attached

The attendance lists for the last 4 workshops are attached

The announcement for the next workshop is available online at:
The workshops are gaining popularity and we are considering adding a more intensive summer workshop
Technical Support Personnel We have hired two new technology support people with accessibility experience who can support faculty and staff in their web accessibility efforts Resumes of these staff are attached Our new staff are starting to teach the existing personnel about accessibility so our pool of knowledge is growing
Our student Help Desk employees are required to attend the Faculty Workshops for online material development All new and existing Help Desk staff are required to attend the workshops so that they understand the issues and can assist faculties, staff, and students who call in with questions. A list of Help Desk employees and attendance status is attached  

Describe any evidence that is currently in development
We are in the process of creating an online resource with information on how to make webpages and other materials accessible.

*Note – there are templates specifically for developing an accessibility policy and an accessibility plan in the template document.