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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

GOALS Interest Survey

The GOALS project is constantly working to provide resources that assist institutions as they implement web accessibility. We realize that many of our newsletter subscribers have needs for support on specific topics and others have experiences that could benefit the readership. We hope the following interest survey will help us create desired resources based on experiences of our readership. The survey should only take a couple minutes to complete.

Support Needs

1. I would like to receive additional support on the following topics (check all that apply):

Other information (please specify below)

2. The most helpful vehicle(s) for this support would be the following (check all that apply):

Other (please specify below)

Sharing experiences with others

3. Considering that both successes and challenges are instructive to others, I would be willing to share my institutional experiences in web accessibility on the following topics (check all that apply):

Other experiences (please specify below)

4. I would be willing to help share experiences in the following ways:

Other (please specify below)

Contact Information

If you indicated that you would like to share your experiences with the GOALS project or with other participants, please fill out the following information. (We will NOT share this information without your consent.)