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NCDAE Webcast - Accessibility 2.0?

Thank you for tuning into the May 16th webcast.


Web 2.0 is a term used to describe the recent trend in web applications and development. Innovative applications of AJAX and other technologies are changing the way users interact with web content in dramatic ways. These technologies hold much potential for people with disabilities, yet also bring many potential barriers. This webcast will explore these next generation web applications and technologies and will present how these impact people with disabilities for good and for bad.

The webcast will be held Wednesday May 16th, 2007 from 3:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time (12:00PM Pacific; 1:00PM Mountain; 2:00PM Central). The audio broadcast will last approximately one hour. It is free of charge and will be captioned simultaneously for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Derek Featherstone

Derek Featherstone is an internationally-known authority on accessibility and web development, a respected technical trainer, and author. He is a creator of in-depth courses on HTML, CSS, DOM Scripting, and Web 2.0 applications. As founder of Further Ahead, he has been an in-demand consultant to government agencies, educational institutions, and private sector companies since 1999. He is the co-lead of the Accessibility Task Force of the influential Web Standards Project.

Gez Lemon

Gez Lemon works as a web developer for The Paciello Group. Gez passionately believes that the web is a great leveller, and as such, should be accessible to all. When not building websites, he writes about building accessible websites on his personal website, Juicy Studio.

In his spare time, Gez runs a campaign to change the meaning of lemon so that it doesn’t mean unsatisfactory or defective. Unfortunately, the campaign has been unsatisfactory.

Aaron Leventhal

Aaron Leventhal is an accessibility architect for IBM, and is the leader of the Mozilla Accessibility Project. He has been involved in making Mozilla products, including Firefox, accessible since 2000. He is currently leading the work to make Firefox accessible on Linux, and advises the W3C Protocols and Formats committee on dynamic content accessibility.

Jared Smith

Jared Smith, Associate Director for WebAIM, will moderate this discussion.


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