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NCDAE Webcast
Web Captioning in Education


The following archive is from a webcast held Oct. 25th, 2006.

Captioning web multimedia is one of the biggest accessibility issues faced in education. Current technology and cost limitations make captioning, especially of live events, prohibitive for many in education. This web cast will provide an overview of existing web captioning technologies, techniques, and standards and will overview the future of web captioning.


Andrew Kirkpatrick

Andrew Kirkpatrick is Corporate Accessibility Engineering Lead for Adobe Systems ( ). At Adobe, he attends to accessibility issues and planning with product teams across the Adobe product line and works with customers and standards groups, including representing Adobe on the Section 508 refresh committee. Andrew is a frequent conference speaker and author on the topic of accessibility including contributing chapters to Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance, a new book by Friends of ED.

Prior to Adobe, in July 2005, Andrew joined Macromedia from the WGBH National Center for Accessible Media, where he was Director of Technology, with a focus on accessibility consulting for corporate clients including America Online, Yahoo!, BT, Apple, and Macromedia. While at NCAM, Andrew was also product manager for MAGpie, the free captioning and audio description software tool, and developed STEP 1.0, a tool for prioritizing accessibility errors generated by automated evaluation tools.

Kevin Reeve

Kevin is the Manager and Senior Instructional Designer for the Faculty Assistance Center for Teaching (FACT) at Utah State University.  Kevin is currently leading a team to build asynchronous learning objects using Macromedia Flash Communication Server.  Kevin is also a WebCT Certified Trainer and delivers workshops on effective use of technology for E-Learning. 


Jared Smith was the Moderator for this webcast.


The archives for the audio broadcast from Wed, October 26, 2004, entitled Research and Development of Accessible Technologies are available below.

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