Accessibility “Cheat Sheets”

GOALS has created a new set of resources, or “cheat sheets” to help assist individuals in the quest to create accessible content. GOALS currently has four cheat sheets available, addressing the following topics:

  • Creating accessible documents in Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • PDF conversion in Microsoft Word
  • Creating accessible PDF documents in Acrobat X

Each resource is a single page, and is intended to be printed.

View the cheat sheets (PDF) 

We plan on presenting more resources soon, including a handout on captioning within YouTube.

3 thoughts on “Accessibility “Cheat Sheets”

  1. I’m an Assistant Professor at Dakota State University. I’m also a quadriplegic, and have done quite a lot of work with accessibility. An example would be my instructions to convert an existing word document into an accessible one: I have also created a video that shows how to use the built-in Accessibility Checker in Word. Finally, the web site I included – – has video tutorials to show people how voice recognition software can be used to control a computer. I thought I’d send these in case you found any of them useful.

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