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July 2013 Newsletter

Featured Articles

Reporting on Your Web Accessibility Findings: It Can Be Easy Using the GOALS Tool

Producing formal reports on institutional accessibility is an important way to document efforts, progress, and recommendations. However, it can be a labor intensive process. The GOALS Benchmarking and Planning Tool includes a feature to help users create a formal report in an efficient way.

Reviewer Guidance Indicator 2

This is another installment in a series to help Accreditation Review Teams understand and evaluate institutional evidence of web accessibility efforts (see previous).  This resource provides guidance on evaluating the inclusion of key personnel in web accessibility planning and the development of a comprehensive accessibility policy.

From Our Blog

Learning to Love Headings in Microsoft Word

Using true headings in Microsoft Word doesn't just benefit individuals with disabilities. It makes life easier for the document creator as well.

Faculty Member Says “HELP — I Can't Tag My PDF Articles”

I recently visited with a faculty member who is just beginning to address accessibility in her courses. The experience made me reflect on the fact that while we often talk with faculty members about making sure that they have PDF's that are accessible, we might not provide them with a good enough starting point.

In the News

Landmark Treaty for the Visually Impaired

President Obama joined with over 150 countries on June 27 to adopt a treaty to improve access to print material for people worldwide who are blind, visually impaired, or have other print disabilities.

La. Tech Settle over Access to Online Materials

Louisiana Tech University settles $23,543 to student who is blind for inaccessible online learning material.

Disability Rights Advocates Press for Accessible Technology

While technology takes on a greater role in the college classroom, disability rights groups are seeking to ensure visually impaired students aren't left behind.

Survey: College Students Relying More on Digital Materials

CourseSmart's third annual survey on education and technology reveals college students' growing dependence on mobile devices and digital course materials.

Desire2Learn's Blind Employees Help Make Better Accessibility Tools for Classrooms

Desire2Learn, an LMS used in higher education, is hiring visually impaired and blind workers to test their new products before launching them to the public.