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NCDAE: The National Center on Disability and Access to Education

Web Accessibility Template Examples for your Reaffirmation Portfolio

The following are three examples of how the Template for Institutional Web Accessibility Activities can be used to document web accessibility efforts as part of regional accreditation within postsecondary education; in this instance for the reaffirmation portfolio. The content in each of these three examples is the same; we choose to display how an institution might describe their efforts to improve faculty and staff skills in web accessibility through professional development. These examples map onto work for GOALS Indicator 3 (i.e., Resources and Supports), Benchmark D (i.e., Training and technical support). The only thing that varies across the three is the way in which the information is presented across the sample templates. Therefore, if you think you keep reading the same thing over, and over again, you would be correct. These are illustrations of different structural ways to report out on one aspect of your web accessibility efforts, that of training your faculties.

Please keep in mind that there is no “correct” method and that these are only samples. You are welcome (and encouraged) to adapt the template to your specific needs.

For the purposes of illustration, these examples use the Principles of Accreditation and the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) processes from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools – Commission On Colleges (SACSCOC) Handbook.