New Cheatsheets for Word and PowerPoint 2016

Most education institutions who are working toward accessibility of web pages and electronic documents have professional development initiatives in place to teach their faculty and staff about accessibility of the materials they develop or select. One reason this is critical is that we must help others understand that accessibility is everyone’s concern. An important element of that education is to identify the supports that each learner needs so that he or she can embed accessibility into their practice easily, and sustain that practice over time.

NCDAE has provided free “Cheatsheets” to accompany training initiatives for almost a decade. These have been developed to provide support to less-technical individuals who want to develop more accessible materials. We have just posted 4 new Cheatsheets on our site for the following tools:

At the top of each of these pages is a link to a one-page PDF designed for printing.

You may also want to review the list of all of our Cheatsheets. You might just find other topics that will help you support others as they keep accessibility in mind. Finally, if you see a need for a new Cheatsheet, please let us know.

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